​ Michael’s extensive and ongoing education is evident in his knowledge about the human body and how all parts work together. His experience with training helps him adapt to different clients and their needs. Together, his education and experience allow him to work with his clients to achieve their goals. During my time with Michael, he has encouraged me to try new exercises, most of which were not part of the regular “gym routine”. Furthermore, he has taught me that achieving goals doesn’t mean focusing solely on one part of the body, but on the body as a whole. He doesn’t stop at giving advice on personal training, but also recommends ideas regarding nutrition and healthy living. Personally, he has helped me understand the importance of nutrition, and by doing so, I lost weight but maintained muscle.

Eugene C.

​ I have been training with Michael for about six months. Although, I have always enjoyed physical activity, both outdoors and at the gym, I found that in my mid-fifties too much repetition, using incorrect techniques, was causing me some aches and pains. I also was building up some incorrect muscle groups and ignoring others. Michael is much attuned to correct positions and bio-mechanics. We work on balance, coordination, endurance and strength training. Each workout is different and is tailored to my needs and abilities. He also has helpful advice about nutrition, proper shoes and what kind of exercise is appropriate outside the gym. He has experience with yoga and he integrates various types of movement into our training sessions. He is a well-rounded experienced trainer and I would recommend him highly.

Ginny S.

I have been working with Michael for a year

​“I have been working with Michael for a year. He is really flexible and always finds a way to work with your schedule. He finds the balance between pushing you hard [yet avoiding] burn-[out] or injury. He really cares about you maintaining a healthy life style and goes the extra mile to ensure it happens. When I am traveling we FaceTime. He makes sure I get out outside of our sessions. Finally, he is just a cool guy to hang out with which makes the workouts more fun.“

William S.
San Francisco, CA

Somehow I found myself over-scheduled
“Somehow in my late 30s I found myself over-scheduled, seriously under-active, and unhappy with my body and state of mind.   After trying several gyms in the city, but finding them overcrowded and intimidating, I finally stumbled upon Michael Krick.   I have been under his care for about 9 months and guess what?    EVERYTHING IS CHANGING FOR THE BETTER!   I cannot emphasis this enough- my body is stronger and more flexible, I am making better choices about food and sleep (without feeling like I am sacrificing),  and my overall mental outlook has dramatically improved.   I think of our relationship as being “under his care” instead of “training with,” because, he has takes a holistic approach to helping  achieve goals.   My goals  – which are probably similar to yours if you are reading this, are to look and feel nothing less than amazing.    Michael’s approach with me has been spot on:  to  be realistic about the things I cannot change, and to provide inspiration and guidance that has lead to teeny, tiny habits that when put together, make a huge difference in my life and body.  For instance:  

* I work and go to law school — so sometimes, sleep is more important than hitting the gym, and he practically prescribes this, knowing that the workouts will be better the following week;
* I like to drink wine  — so he educates me about how it effects the body physically, while recognizing that realistically, I’m not going to cut it out and I don’t want to feel bad about it or not be honest with him, so now I make sure to have a meal when I have a glass and that I should make sure to get extra B vitamins.   
* I don’t really have a good exercise plan without him – so we talk about it and come up with a plan that I can execute before I see him again.   As for the physical training, he uses combinations of yoga, weight training, resistance training, and short cardio bursts that require some concentration, coordination and balance (which I’m still working on!) and every time it is different.    I’m not going to lie, sometimes its really hard during the session.  However, without fail when we are done, I feel great because I pushed myself hard (he won’t push you harder than you can handle) and succeeded, and like, I am able to take on the day.        
I highly recommend Michael Krick.  He is really real, really nice, really knowledgeable, and really wants you to succeed in achieving your goals.  Don’t hesitate to give him a call.  It’s kinda like he is your number 1 fan.   Seriously.  I promise.“

Liz P.
San Francisco, CA

Having worked with a few different trainers

“I’ve always hated working out – but I don’t feel that way working with Michael!  We meet one on one outside – he is smart and has a plan – remembers my injuries or weak areas and before I know it the hour is over! The results after 6 months with him are good enough that I want to keep going…he motivates in just the right way – I feel healthy, slimmer, stronger and we have fun. If you are looking for a personal trainer I highly recommend.“

Lindy F.
San Francisco, CA

“Michael has been my trainer for a while and I just like the way he train[s]. He work[s] as hard as I [do] to improve my body’s flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina. That is exactly what I need to learn. I have work[ed] out with different trainers before and I can say, Michael is simply the best. As much as I love to work out outdoors, Michael has [also] showed me a lot of different kind of exercise routine that we can do outdoors, very simple but it work[s]!
Michael always comes out with different ideas how to work out and it amazes me. He motivates in a good way, [especially] since I told him from the first time that I don’t like to be push[ed].  Then, when I get used to his technique [or a new exercise], I can’t get enough of it. He has help[ed] me to lose my extra weight and reduce my body fat [and] also motivates me to reach my goal of working out regularly and have fun doing it. “ 

Djono L.

​ I have been working with Michael for about 6 months and every session is focused and aimed at areas that I need to work on. He has prepared a workout tailored for me. He has monitored my progress, done research and put together a plan for the hour which will be challenging and fun. After each session I am amazed at what I learned about how my body works or does not work! I have worked out at gyms with trainers that take you through the motions and do some good, Michael’s training is about getting you to live long and healthy. He has a lengthy background in how the body works and how to train athletes. For regular guys like me slipping into and past middle age he is a find!

Neil R.